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The Condominium Redbook

The Condominium Redbook is a guide to managing building damage, construction claims and reconstruction. Guiding Community Managers, Boards of Directors and Owners on the many construction issues communities face every day. Dealing with hidden or unexpected damage, preparing and retro-fitting your association against natural disasters, repairs and reconstruction, the redevelopment of obsolete associations, and much more.

The Condominium Redbook

A Guide to Managing Building Damage,
Construction Claims and Reconstruction.

The owners of common interest developments, their Boards of Directors and Community Managers, face the daunting task of maintaining projects at once complex and vulnerable. Projects are complex because they often involve multifamily buildings more like commercial structures than single-family homes. The maintenance and repairs required are often difficult to ascertain and sometimes even more difficult to execute. Attached homes suffer from complicated waterproofing issues. Maintaining common area requires coordination between owners and contractors. Often needed repairs are unexpected, and funding for them does not exist in the community’s reserves.

They are vulnerable to a vast array of problems from long-term hidden damage due to rot, failed waterproofing, or soils issues; to sudden damage caused by natural disasters. Each threat poses different problems for the management of these projects. Funding expected repairs is difficult enough for the average community association; funding repairs for unexpected damage may be impossible. Dealing with construction issues is often the biggest challenge facing the management of these communities.

This book guides Community Managers, Boards of Directors and Owners on many construction issues communities face every day.

Covering Topics Such As

  • A Community Association’s Four Stages of Life
  • Dealing with Hidden or Unexpected Damage
  • Natural Disasters—Preparing and Retro-fitting your Association
  • Reserves and Funding Repairs and Reconstruction
  • Construction Defect Claims
  • Construction Contract Management
  • Redevelopment of Obsolete Associations

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